About Rikki Fowler

Having turned 60 in 2006, Rikki is aware of the unknown period between middle age and old age, where the aging/vintage process really begins. As we all do, she started out as a succulant grape and now relishes turning into vintage wine. Experience turns into wisdom with time and quiet.

25 years ago, Rikki began questioning, could Life be different. This was the beginning of her spiritual journey which ultimately lead her to the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking where she was ordained a Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and will receive a MDiv in 2007. She has a wide range of life and professional experiences to draw on: teaching school in Tanzania; working as an ecologist for the State of Alaska; traveling through the US to see 627 bird species; working with people with mental illnesses and who are homeless; years of reading and personal growth work; and now appreciating the value of silence in her life and in working with others.

Rikki was trained and certified as a Co-Active coach (CPCC) by The Coaches’ Training Institute and completed the Newfield Network Graduate Program . In 1999, she was awarded the Professional Coaches Certificate (PCC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF). She holds a master’s degree from Antioch University in management.

She coaches individuals, facilitates mastermind groups, hosts meaningful conversations at Rikki’s Cafe, a virtual gathering place, and leads teleclasses, on topics such as Honoring Your Inner Elder and Conversations with Silence.