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Silent Silence

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

I have been silent this year. And I’ve come to appreciate silence. The stillness in which the universe speaks to me, new ideas emerge from the unconscious and the inner peace within myself.

Silent Night, it’s early Christmas Eve. I’m excitedly waiting to read the article on Silence in today’s Albuquerque Journal’s Boomer magazine. I’ve been anything but silent this past week, making changes to my website,, learning a little HTML and all that went with this revision.

I hope the Boomer article is good. In mid-November I put up some fliers, titled “Let’s Talk with Silence.” Just before Thanksgiving, I heard from a freelance writer saying she’s was writing an article on Silence, would I be willing to be interviewed. I said YES. Donna and I had a wonderful conversation about silence.

I’ve really been saying YES to Life since I began studying at the Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking. It’s like getting out in a raft on a very fast river that takes you wherever it’s going. This fall someone suggested that I might let go of the branches along the river’s edge. Yeah I was doing that, trying to slow things down, maintain a little control even though my hands and arms were bloodied and bruised. Take a deep breath and let it happen.

So here I am, looking out into the darkness. What will the day bring?

Now I can be silent and think back over the year. I intended to write regularly in the blog. Life had other intentions: craziness, turning 60, being ordained, processing what that meant, huge lessons about forgiveness, gratitude, and new perspectives. Nothing that made it into the light of day on the blog. What will 2007 bring?

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays to you and please let me hear from you.