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Who is “I”?

Friday, January 6th, 2006

This thing in my head is running my life. Some would say “my” ego. Right now Rikki wants no identification with it.

This is very difficult to write without using “I.” Who is “I?” Tell me what you think about “I.”

The ego is judgmental. The ego that I have constructed is very judgmental. If this sounds puzzling to you, read Eckhart Tolle’s
book A New World which has the best description of the ego and what it is and isn’t.

Try writing without I or talking without saying I. It’s a challenge. For the time being, “eye” will represent the ego that lives in my head. Which raises the question, what is the part of me that is associated with my.

Let’s move on. In the 80s, eye remember learning to use “I” statements. Before that, eye spoke using you, when I really meant something about me. Remember talking like that? Not that eye don’t slip into it still.

My point is that after that bit of re-education, now there’s a new lesson in speaking accurately. How do I refer to the observer in me, who watches the ego? The EYE - how appropriate.

The observer has been watching more often. It’s aware of there being two parts, the ego “I” and itself. Now to switch my awareness to that of the observer more of the time.

So who is “I?” It’s judgmental and critical, continually tells eye/the observer it’s opinions about anyone and anything, things it’s absolutely right unless its trying to tell eye what an idiot it is. Ego is terrified most of the time. Like the little man mascarading as the wizard in The Wizard of Oz.

Please tell me about your experience with this part of you.

This wears me out being this observant, this conscious.

More later. Help me out here. How do you relate to your ego? How have you tamed it?

Tell me what you think about Tolle’s book.